We design products for specific environments and uses that offer innovative functionality & remarkable protection.

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Lowepro bags are purpose-built to protect your valuable gear from impact, abrasion, moisture and the rigors of travel.

All Weather AW Cover

Reserve Weather Protection

Our patented cover is like a raincoat for your gear. It fits snugly over a bag and you can fold it away when not needed – an innovative way to protect valuable gear from rain, snow, dust and sand.

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Molded Impact Protection

Lightweight yet sturdy, composite-shell construction delivers superior impact protection on our cases and packs with the FormShell™ icon.

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Waterproof Protection

Our technical and high-performance waterproof fabrics on bags with this icon offer ratings of IPX6 to keep your gear dry from heavy seas, and IPX7 to deliver 100% watertight protection.

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Our harness systems, shoulder straps, waistbelts, backpads and adjustment points provide long-wearing comfort.


Heavy Lifting Support

This harness design is constructed to mimic the natural "S" curve of the back, transfer more weight from waist to hips, make it easy to fit to the length of your torso, and include airflow channels to improve breathability.

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Balanced Comfort System

Packs with this icon feature our ActivZone System™ technology. This harness delivers targeted support at shoulder blades, lumbar and waist for comfort on the move.

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We design our interior and exterior compartments, pockets and sleeves to help optimise organisation and increase workflow.


Maximum Gear Capacity

Our premium organisation system employs a laminated construction to fine-tune the fitting of dividers and make it easy to maximise the volume of gear.

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Gear Stabilisation System

Our camera chambers with UltraCinch secure gear while in motion, preventing bouncing and jostling. The drawstring and toggle closure lets you tighten down for a snug and protective fit.

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Suspended Impact Protection

Store your laptop or tablet in a design with this icon when you want extra protection and breathability. This cleverly constructed compartment suspends and safeguards the device within a bag.

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Expandable Gear Compartment

The innovative UltraFlex™ fit system offers versatile ways to fit, organize and protect camera and personal gear via the central flex divider and smaller dividers – all padded and with hook/loop fasteners for ease of use.

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Modular Attachment System

Our SlipLock™ attachment system of compatible loops and tabs makes it easy to add pouches and cases to larger bags – so you can be ready for anything and bring along water bottles, lenses, memory cards, etc.

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