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HighLine 400 on a camel

Find out how travelling with backpacks & luggage from Lowepro makes your adventure even better.

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What type of gear do you carry?

For almost 50 years, Lowepro has focused on safely getting camera gear to all types of locations. Because of this, we look at travel from a very pragmatic view. It goes without saying that we think a lot about how to protect your equipment; however, we also spend a good deal of time thinking about how to make your experience better, more comfortable, more productive, and ultimately, more enjoyable.

Today, Lowepro helps you carry, protect, organise and enjoy more types of equipment than ever. Look for the icons in our store to help you find bags designed for DSLR & mirrorless cameras, drones & quadcopters, tablets, laptops, action video cams and more.

Camera Laptop, Tablet, Phone Drone Action Cam

Each device and piece of equipment has its own pain points we strive to solve or fragile aspect we try to protect. Learn more about the innovative technologies we designed and built to support you and your digital world.

How long will you travel?

The duration of your trip is often the first determiner of what you will need in a travel bag. While everyone has their own travel style, plus packing needs and comfort levels, generally trips can be classified by their length and what items you will need for the duration.

  • Day travel & commute: Protection is focused on a small mobile device such as iPad or iPhone 6 Plus, critical personal item and small amount of gear. Be nimble, light and flexible: Examples: StreetLine Sling SL 140 , Slingshot Edge, Passport Sling
  • Overnight & short trips: Choose a bag with additional room for a change of clothes or more personal items, a few extra devices, business tools, etc. Keep it light, but don't sacrifice. Examples: RidgeLine Pro 300 AW, Photo Hatchback Series, Fastpack Series
  • Multi-Day & trekking: Be prepared to pack multiple devices and their supporting accessories, batteries and cables, more than one bag (or a bag-in-a-bag), a larger amount of personal gear, and be prepared with the ability to handle several environments and situations. Take it with you… you'll probably need it. Examples: HighLine, Whistler, Pro Roller x-Series and Pro Trekker.

What environments will you encounter?

When considering environmental factors, take into account both the destination you are travelling to as well as the environments you travel THROUGH in order to get you and your gear to your destination. At the end of the day, you may be staying at a hotel or lodge, but that lodge may be at the top of a mountain tram ride following a day of air travel and shuttle buses!

How can Lowepro help? Here are a few considerations for where you are travelling and options.

What is your preferred carry style?

The type of carry may ultimately be the most important choice for many travellers. So much so that many will begin their search by selecting the type of bag they feel most comfortable with.

Backpacks: Often the most comfortable way to carry as they distribute weight evenly on your shoulders, back and hips. Check out our Guide to Backpacks

Shoulder/Messenger Bags: From a small messenger to a larger and more traditional photo bag, shoulder bags are a great choice for a lighter carry, or when moving through a cramped environment. Check out our Guide to Messenger Bags

Sling Bags: Sling-style bags provide fast access without taking the bag off your body. Some slings are totally purpose-built like the Slingshot Edge, while others are more like messengers worn across the body, such as the StreetLine SL 140. Check out our Guide to Sling Bags

Rolling Luggage and Cases: When you need to move heavy gear over a distance, there is no substitute for the convenience of a roller. Check out our Guide to Rolling Cases

The Combo: For serious, long-duration travel, a backpack and roller combination can't be beat. For the ultimate adventure + photo combo, try the Whistler BP 450 AW paired with a HighLine RL x400 AW

Other Options: Whether you need a small case for your GoPro®, or compact camera bag to pack into your suitcase, find the method that feels the most comfortable to you with one of these styles. Toploading Camera Bags, Duffles, Beltpacks and Device Pouches.

Introducing the Travel Line from Lowepro

Below are three bag series dedicated to the modern traveller. These high-quality, dependable bags bring Lowepro's legendary protection and organization to your everyday personal belongings and devices, no matter the environment or the conditions.

HighLine for Adventure Travel


The HighLine collection empowers outdoor and adventure travellers to trek in confidence with three lightweight, durable and secure carry-on travel packs, built to withstand the elements.

“Each bag incorporates unique materials and construction to enhance both environmental and impact protection, with dedicated and secure compartments for laptops, tablets, smartphones and additional tech accessories as well as key personal belongings.”

HighLine BP 300 AW

HighLine 300 Backpack on hill top

A weatherproof, carry-on backpack designed for the smart and efficient traveller. The HighLine BP 300 AW provides exceptional organization of your personal gear with the packing cube and liquids pouch, while the removable JumpKit™ delivers a premium solution for protecting all of your devices.


HighLine BP 400 AW

HighLine 400 on mountain top

The HighLine BP 400 AW is a 36-liter rugged and weatherproof carry-on travel backpack with protection and organization in its DNA. Quickly pack and organise personal gear in the packing cube and liquids pouch, while using the removable JumpKit™ to protect your 10" tablet and phone.


HighLine RL x400 AW

HighLine 400 roller at airport

Equipped with all the organization and packing features you demand from premium travel luggage, the HighLine RL x400 AW is the pinnacle in carry-on travel solutions. Easily protect and organise your 15" laptop, 10" tablet as well as all your other devices and travel necessities.


RidgeLine for Your Everyday Carry

RidgeLine is an outdoor-inspired daypack collection for active gadget-lovers, featuring numerous protective pockets and compartments for a full range of everyday tech devices and activities, ideal for commuting to work.

“This compact bag puts your entire office -- and a change of clothes -- on your back ... the RidgeLine offered much more than I expected for the money.”

RidgeLine BP 300 AW

RidgeLine 300 Product Shot

Designed for exceptional carrying comfort, the RidgeLine Pro BP 300 AW carries and protects your 15" laptop, 10" tablet and provides room for a large amount of personal gear. A FormShell pocket provides a designated and protected space for sunglasses or other breakable belongings.


RidgeLine BP 250 AW

RidgeLine 250 Product Shot

Carry your 15" laptop, 10" tablet, and all the personal items you need with the RidgeLine BP 250 AW. Long-lasting comfort, exceptional organization, and superior protection are the heart of the 250 BP.


StreetLine: Styled for the City

StreetLine BP on an urban street

The StreetLine collection takes a lean and modern approach to carry with four streetwear-inspired everyday bags for the stylish commuter and savvy traveller. StreetLine offers a slim, protective and efficient way to move with gear through urban streets and on public transit.

“Lowepro's Streetline is Hands-Down the Best Hybrid Photo Bag I've Ever Encountered”

“Of all the bags I've tested over the years, I've never had so many people approach me with compliments as I have with the Lowepro StreetLine 140.”
-The Digital Story

StreetLine BP 250

StreetLine BP Product Shot

The StreetLine BP 250 brings sophistication and urban styling to your daily commute. With room for a 13" laptop, tablet and personal gear, the StreetLine BP 250 allows you to move through busy streets, airports, and stations with ease.


StreetLine SH 180

StreetLine SH 180 Product Shot

An urban style messenger bag, the StreetLine SH 180 provides protection and organization for your commute. The StreetLine SH 180 is designed to carry your 13" laptop, tablet, and personal gear. You'll never leave home without it.


StreetLine SL 140

StreetLine SL Product Shot

The StreetLine SL 140 is an urban-styled sling bag designed for busy streets and public transit. Perfect for protecting your 11" laptop, tablet and personal gear. The StreetLine SL 140 provides lasting comfort and superior organization.


StreetLine SH 120

StreetLine SH 120 Product Shot

Light and compact, the StreetLine SH 120 is a protective shoulder bag designed to carry your mini tablet, small devices and personal items through an urban setting.

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